Glenn’s Guide #5: The Academy Awards, and the Oscar viewing party

Good evening, gentlemen.

Now that the blackout at the SuperBowl is officially over (thanks for nothing, Bobby Jindal!), I can refocus some of my attention back on the rest of the world.   Today, I will take time to tell you all how to handle the upcoming pop-culture event known as “The 85th Academy Awards.”  That’s right, y’all, Oscar night is coming February 24th, and you must needs be prepared.

They're coming!  Run!

They’re coming! Run!

If you, like me, spent the end of last year locked away deep in a subterranean Mayan apocalypse zombie-proof bunker, you haven’t seen many of the key films nominated for tiny gilded men this year.  It’s okay.  I can help you fake it well enough to survive any social interaction on the subject.  With my help, you’ll be able to attend an Oscar night party with the film-buffiest of cineastes and fake it like a true Casual Gentleman.

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FRIDAY FIVE! The Legend of Johnny Manziel


This week, FRIDAY FIVE! celebrates the first freshman to ever win the Heisman Trophy… Johnny Manziel, aka “Johnny Football.”  Manziel emerged as a national phenomenon after he led the Aggies in a victory over top ranked Alabama (Yes, the same Alabama football team that recently demolished Notre Dame).  Then he picked apart Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl, winning 41-13.  “Johnny Football” is fast, strong and damn fun to watch!

We now present the top 5 awesome, hilarious and outrageous tweets about this near mythic figure.  Which are truth and which are simply the desires of fanatical followers?  Well, the real question is: Does it matter?  Hit the jump to find out.

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