Nick Hates All This Hate

The world seems to be an especially violent place over the past few weeks. Across the world people seem to be dying needlessly. There have been multiple assassination attempts against various world leaders, there have been shootings, bombings, there have been assaults and robberies. It seems pretty easy to want to give up. To look at the people committing these acts and feel so much anger for them feels right, it feels like that’s the obvious course of action here. Of course it does, they have hurt us and shaken our sense of safety. They have taken our comfort from us and reminded us of the evil in the world. This cannot stand. We will take them down and we will show them who’s boss. Right? Well kinda.

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Nick Hates Karaoke Stars

Karaoke is not a place for you to put on display your amazing singing talent. Go sit in front of your webcam and post a poor quality video of yourself singing or audition for American Idol if you want to do that. Karaoke is a place for me and my already drunken friends to go get even more drunk and sing out of key rock ballads because that shit is hilarious. The last thing I want is someone going up and singing a beautifully moving rendition of Celine Dion’s classic “My Heart Will Go On”. I’m here to have fun, not wallow in the pain of knowing that Rose would never again find a love as pure and true as Jack’s. Continue reading

Nick Hates Hippies

Original post date: 5/27/2012

Who doesn’t, amiright? Who needs all that peace, love, and happiness? Not this guy. I’m perfectly happy to be unhappy. Not liking things is the way I like it. Why can’t we all just love each other? Because that would be boring as hell, that’s why. We need a little conflict to keep the world interesting. We need to be able to make fun of people who look like this:

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Glenn’s Guide #1: Surviving the Holidays – Thanksgiving & Black Friday

Good morning, gentlemen.
Welcome to this, the first installment of Glenn’s Guide.  As the Casual Gentleman with the most knowledge about the world and its ways, it has fallen on my shoulders to present all of you with a sextant and star chart to help you navigate the rocky waters of life.

Today I’m going to give you some handy tips on how a Casual Gentleman can successfully survive the minefield that has come to be known as “The Holiday Season”.  In the first installment, we tackle Thanksgiving and its insane child “Black Friday”.
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Nick Hates Everything: An Introduction

Hey all!

Nick here to bitch and complain at you. Don’t worry, I won’t be bitching and complaining about you (well, maybe sometimes), I’ll be bitching and complaining about pretty much everything else.

Nick Hates Everything


Before we started this here blog, I had started work on a different blog, a blog called Nick Hates Everything. It was a compilation of hopefully humorous rants about pretty much anything I could think of and how awful they are. Really everything is awful when you think about it. I am not a glass half full kind of guy. If I pay for a full glass I expect a full glass and whoever is happy with getting half a glass is a dumb idiot. You just got ripped off man, get mad! Anger and hatred are important parts of us, we all feel them and if you try to suppress them you will, and this is science, you will become a serial killer. Everyone has something that pisses them off and as long as you don’t direct your hate at a specific group of people or me, there’s really nothing to worry about. So get mad Gentlemen!


So now it is time for Nick Hates Everything to come on over to the Casual Gentlemen blog as a weekly feature which will be posted every Monday (normally in the morning, sorry this puppy is late) because Mondays suck and they deserve the hate (a future post). I am going to start you off by reposting a few of my personal favorites from the old blog to get you going and then start writing new ones in a couple of weeks. If you were already an avid fan of the old blog, well, then you are awesome and Nick does not hate you, new stuff will be up shortly. If you are new to this idea, then I hope you enjoy. Either way, make sure you post your feelings on whatever subject I happen to be ranting about in the comments and also feel free to leave suggestions for future rants. Who knows, maybe the thing you hate most will become the next feature on Nick Hates Everything.

For my first post I’m going to share with you, well, my first post. It is (I think quite appropriately) titled, Nick Hates Blogs and originally went online November 11, 2011, almost exactly a year ago. Enjoy!


As clever a title for my first post as this is, it is very much true. Blogs are self-indulgent, petty and 99% boring as all hell. This is a fact that StumbleUpon has yet to learn about my web-browsing tastes as it continues to send me to blog after blog written by mid-westerners and teenage girls. I don’t give a crap about your top 5 favorite lasagna recipes. No one wants to know about the amazing thing your five year-old said at dinner the other night, it’s not that insightful. Just show me Daily Show segments, TED talks, pictures of cats doing silly things, the occasional naked woman and (depending on how late it is/how drunk I am) a website where I can move a bubble around the screen with my cursor.

What is a blog? Where did it come from? Why am I writing one? All valid questions. Lets take them one at a time:

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