FRDAY FIVE! “Calvin and Hobbes” Snowmen

Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring for 2013… but apparently Mother Nature hasn’t gotten the message.  Historic winter storms continue to rock most of the United States, dumping record amounts of snow (much to the Weather Channel’s delight!).  Fortunately, with tons of snow, come tons of snowmen — I even saw one, tiny, emaciated snow…man?… on the streets of New York!

This week Friday Five! celebrates snowmen by honoring Bill Watterson and the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, whose titular heroes create some of the most hilarious and memorable snowmen to ever grace the white, wintry landscape… real or fictional.  So, whether you’re snowed in, going crazy, or laughing at the rest of us (shut up, California), these panels are sure to entertain your brain and warm your heart.

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FRIDAY FIVE! Dastardly Christmas Villains

Happy Holidays Internet!

The end of the year is a time of love and joy — a celebration of food, booze, old friends and new beginnings.  But you can’t highlight the good without a dash of the bad!

This Friday Five! brings you the Top 5 Christmas Villains.  Yes, they are a contemptible collection of baddies… but it wouldn’t be Christmas without them.  Hit the jump to see who made the list.

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FRIDAY FIVE! Best Fictional Academic Institutions

And now, the FRIDAY FIVE!

In keeping with September’s “School” theme (Thanks, Jeanne!), this week will feature the Top 5 Fictional Academic Institutions.  While not all of these grand establishments are known for their rigorous dedication to learning, some are sure to strengthen your mind (and body) and every last one is, without a doubt, an awesome place to hang out.

Class is now in session.  Join us after the jump to see if your favorite school made the list.  And be sure to leave a comment or idea for next month’s theme.  Remember, participation is 50% of your grade!

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