Welcome to the first edition of Casual Gentlemen at the Movies… You have chosen wisely.  Movie tickets are ridiculously expensive these days and were here to help you get the most bang for your buck.  Casual Gentlemen at the Movies is not a movie review in the traditional sense, instead, it exist to make sure you know what you’re getting into and whether, straight up, you should go see a movie.

We’re her to talk violence and laughter and nudity, explosions and car chases, slick shots and cool locations, great acting and even better special effects.  All the things that really draw you to the movies.

Our first film is the bloody, high concept action extravaganza, Olympus Has Fallen.  It’s been out for quite a while, but maybe it passed you by.  Or you’re still debating whether to go or not.  Well, lucky for you, the Casual Gentlemen have all the answers.  Let us break it down for you.


You know exactly what you’re getting with this film… it’s Die Hard at the White House.  Plain and simple.  The supporting cast is surprisingly strong for a generic action/thriller, featuring the talents of Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Melissa Leo, and Dylan McDermott.  But let’s be serious, you’re here to watch Gerard Butler blow shit up.  And, oh, does he deliver.  I haven’t see him kick this much ass since Corliolanus (what up, Shakespeare).  Rom-Coms are all fine and good, Gerard, but its so much more fun to watch you stab North Korean terrorists in the head.

And there are a surprising number of knives to the brain.  It’s sort of this movie’s thing.

Bottom Line: As far as action movies go, Olympus Has Fallen is better than most.  Bullets fly with abandon and a solid, high concept premise carries the film through some of it more tired and uneven character moments.  Go see it.

Nick Hates All This Hate

The world seems to be an especially violent place over the past few weeks. Across the world people seem to be dying needlessly. There have been multiple assassination attempts against various world leaders, there have been shootings, bombings, there have been assaults and robberies. It seems pretty easy to want to give up. To look at the people committing these acts and feel so much anger for them feels right, it feels like that’s the obvious course of action here. Of course it does, they have hurt us and shaken our sense of safety. They have taken our comfort from us and reminded us of the evil in the world. This cannot stand. We will take them down and we will show them who’s boss. Right? Well kinda.

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FRDAY FIVE! “Calvin and Hobbes” Snowmen

Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring for 2013… but apparently Mother Nature hasn’t gotten the message.  Historic winter storms continue to rock most of the United States, dumping record amounts of snow (much to the Weather Channel’s delight!).  Fortunately, with tons of snow, come tons of snowmen — I even saw one, tiny, emaciated snow…man?… on the streets of New York!

This week Friday Five! celebrates snowmen by honoring Bill Watterson and the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, whose titular heroes create some of the most hilarious and memorable snowmen to ever grace the white, wintry landscape… real or fictional.  So, whether you’re snowed in, going crazy, or laughing at the rest of us (shut up, California), these panels are sure to entertain your brain and warm your heart.

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Glenn’s Guide #5: The Academy Awards, and the Oscar viewing party

Good evening, gentlemen.

Now that the blackout at the SuperBowl is officially over (thanks for nothing, Bobby Jindal!), I can refocus some of my attention back on the rest of the world.   Today, I will take time to tell you all how to handle the upcoming pop-culture event known as “The 85th Academy Awards.”  That’s right, y’all, Oscar night is coming February 24th, and you must needs be prepared.

They're coming!  Run!

They’re coming! Run!

If you, like me, spent the end of last year locked away deep in a subterranean Mayan apocalypse zombie-proof bunker, you haven’t seen many of the key films nominated for tiny gilded men this year.  It’s okay.  I can help you fake it well enough to survive any social interaction on the subject.  With my help, you’ll be able to attend an Oscar night party with the film-buffiest of cineastes and fake it like a true Casual Gentleman.

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FRIDAY FIVE! Super Bowl Foods

The Super Bowl is almost upon us… and game day parties across the nation will feature the same boring buffet of chicken wings, nachos, hot dogs and chips — You brought chunky salsa?  I’ll treasure this unique moment forever!

Please.  No one remembers the party that played it safe.  Fortunately, dear party host, The Casual Gentlemen are here to help make your Super Bowl spread as epic as the game.  Ditch the tired classics and go bold with these five bi-costal foods native to the cities represented in the Super Bowl…  San Francisco and Baltimore!

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Jeanne’s Guide To: Dining Out – Part I

Jeanne’s Guide To: Dining Out

Glenn isn’t the only one who knows a thing or two about a thing or two. My 10+ years in the service industry has given me an insider’s view of the world of dining out, and I’m hear to spread the wealth!
In honor of NYC’s first restaurant week of the year I’m starting a month-long series on how to maximize your dining experience, not act like a rube, and learn to eat-out like a pro.

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Jeanne Says…Use Cash!

Jeanne Says…Use Cash!

Walk Softly and Carry A Big Bill

Walk Softly and
Carry A Big Bill

Use Cash! OK, I know the first thing all the New Yorkers are gonna say about getting robbed or whatever…but I feel like people don’t mug people for cash anymore, they mug you for I-Pads and Smartphones. So all that aside let me explain how the addiction to cards needs to stop, and we should re-embrace our currency!

Lookin' Spiffy Dollar Bill!

Lookin’ Spiffy Dollar Bill!

Now,like with all ‘Jeanne Says’ I’m biased. I’ve worked mostly in a cash industry- not stripping, restaurants and bars- so I’m used to carrying cash-money.I prefer that people pay with cash and let me explain: FIRST you gotta  go OVER to the credit card machine, SWIPE the stupid card that will inevitably take a few swipes to work and then WAIT for approval, risking the awkward situation of denial, then GO BACK OVER to the table, WAIT for them to sign and then go BACK over to the table, hope their math works or you get screwed and hope that they don’t take both receipts and then you lose out on the whole tip. Also, for all you group diners out there, don’t hand over SIX freakin’ cards on a check. You know what? Scratch that, if you’re gonna make us do ALLLLLL that extra work, then tip like it. Nevermind, the aggravation isn’t even worth it.



Moving on to the people who use their freakin cards to buy CUPS of COFFEE (thanks Starbucks for promoting caffeine and convenience) and get offended at minimums. Guess what people, it costs those cute small businesses money everytime you swipe. I’ve seen people get mad at a $5 minimum and there is NO reason why you should be walking around with less than $5 at any given time. That’s just dangerous. And seriously, don’t you feel like a toolbag when the nice barista hands you your Latte and asks for $3.50 and you hand over your VISA card expectantly? So lame, bro.

Swimmin' in Cash!

Swimmin’ in Cash!

Using cash helps brain stimulation! Count it out, do the math, simple yes, but it’s something right? And adventurous! What better than doing your laundry and finding a faded, folded, clean crisp $20 you didn’t even know exist? Or finding a dollar on the sidewalk? Once on a road trip I found a $10 next to a garbage can at the mall!
Using your card allows your every move to be tracked and your purchasing trends monitored. Someone steals your card? That can affect your identity, credit report and all sorts of things. Someone steals $20, you’re out $20.

Can You SpotThe Owl?

Can You Spot
The Owl?

Money’s more fun that cards! Sure, you can get your picture on your card, or customize it, and show a cause you support, but currency has all sorts of cool shit going on. You can tell a lot about a culture by its money (except European countries rockin’ the Euro) and it says something about the U.S. that our money is lousy with dead presidents ( and Ben Franklin ) and only a few women. Sidenote: The two women most associated with money are Betsy Ross who’s known for sewing a flag, and Sacagawea deblumes with the image of a women who help direct male explorers Lewis and Clarke but there’s a lot going on. There’s scenes in the West Wing, X-Files, National Treasure, as well as countless specials on the History and Discovery Channel devoted to the stuff on our bills (Illuminati!). Nothing like a fun conspiracy theory either, and it’s always fun to look for all the weird little tells on money. (owl on the $20)How about Indecent Proposal? Can you imagine if Demi More was just fondling an AMEX or a check made out to her instead of reveling in a pile of cash? So lame.

Classy Ring!

Classy Ring!

Money’s handy for party tricks! I’ve seen people do tons of origami with bills ( YouTube it! ) I myself can make you a cool ring, a skill I picked up in middle school. After September 11th people figured out how to fold bills to look like the Twin Towers. Remember ‘Where is George’ when the internet first got big? And when all the states got their quarters? Or the few times you happen upon the elusive $2 bill? Currency is fun, adventurous, historical and tangible.

Don't Fly Away Dollar Bill!

Don’t Fly Away
Dollar Bill!

In conclusion I’m not saying that we should all cut up our credit/debit cards and carry around wads and wads of greenbacks. I’m just saying that variety is the spice of life, that your actions affect others more than you think, and currency is a fun and fascinating part of culture we should all embrace. So next time you head out into the world, bring along some pocket cash for all those little and important purchases, and next time you go out to dinner, maybe make the waitresses life a bit easier with some cash money.Why?

Away We Go!

Away We Go!

‘Cause Jeanne Says So.

Fun Facts About Money:

Here's to You,Mrs.Washington!

Here’s to You,

The Most sought after counterfeiter in US history operated out of NYC and was known as ‘Mr.88O’, the number of the file the US  Treasury kept on him. His real name was Edward Mueller, and he only manufactured $1 bills. It took them 10 years to track him down (1938-1948)

More than 2 million Americans live on less than $2 a day

No trees were harmed in the making of you  money, it’s a blend of 25%  cotton and 75% linen

The term ‘buck’ comes from the days when Americans would trade animal pellets as currency

The flu virus can live on a dollar bill for 10 days. Gross

Martha Washington is the only woman to appear on a US note; in 1886 she appeared on the $1 silver certificate

The back of the 5$ bill features the names of all 50 states on the Lincoln Memorial

Monopoly shout out! Parker Brothers has printed more currency than the Federal Reserve

For Nick: The largest coin ever made is Australia’s Perth Mint- It is worth $53 million but has a face-value of $1 million. It is  80cm wide, 12cm deep, took 18 months to make. And of course, one side features…a kangaroo!