Nick Hates All This Hate

The world seems to be an especially violent place over the past few weeks. Across the world people seem to be dying needlessly. There have been multiple assassination attempts against various world leaders, there have been shootings, bombings, there have been assaults and robberies. It seems pretty easy to want to give up. To look at the people committing these acts and feel so much anger for them feels right, it feels like that’s the obvious course of action here. Of course it does, they have hurt us and shaken our sense of safety. They have taken our comfort from us and reminded us of the evil in the world. This cannot stand. We will take them down and we will show them who’s boss. Right? Well kinda.

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The answer is not in being angry with these people. The more we hate them the more we are contributing to the hate which is their goal to propagate. We’re feeding into everything they want us to do. We’re feeding the false image they have of us which is what feeds their desire to commit these acts in the first place. Of course they want us to hate them, no one does something like this to make friends.

Unfortunately we have not taken the higher ground here. We have responded with so much anger and so much hatred and it only snowballs from there. Since last week, we have experienced the horrible bombing of the Boston Marathon, the foiled assassinations by mailing ricin to both a US senator and the President of the United States of America. An attempted letter-bombing of the President of Germany, the violent and fatal manhunt of the Boston bombing suspects that not only resulted in the death of one of the suspects but also an MIT police officer who so sadly lost his life all too soon in the line of duty, a shooting in Russia which resulted in the deaths of six people including two teenage girls. There have been carjackings, hold ups, and countless other violent crimes which didn’t find their way into our media. With each act we have grown angrier, which like I stated earlier, feels right and is an easy course to take, I am in no way passing judgement or saying I myself didn’t fall into that trap at first. I think the moment I realized that what I was feeling was destructive was when I saw this conversation of twitter featuring Fox News contributor Eric Rush

Erik Rush Tweet

This is the kind of hatred and bigotry that anger of this nature leads to. There is a better way to deal with this problem. We need to focus on the heroes of these stories. We need to remember the good. If we focus on the love we can fill our time more positively. Instead of getting angry with the people who make our world scarier, lets praise the ones who make our world better.

Lets remember the MIT police officer who gave his life to protect his campus. Let’s thank the brave men and women of the BPD for their courageous handling of the bombing and the expedient apprehension of the suspects. Let’s rejoice for our friends and family who remain safe today and thank the people who made small gestures of comfort such as the police officer who, when a family without milk in the fridge was trapped in the lockdown zone, went to the store and picked them up two gallons. Let’s be thankful for the members of the security teams who found the poisoned envelopes before they had a chance to commit any real damage and the ones in Germany who prevented what surely would have been a terrible tragedy there. Let’s thank those who apprehended the Russian shooter and kept him from committing further harm.

The less we try to place blame and counter hate with hate, the more we can appreciate those who keep us safe. That’s how we’re going to change things. That’s how we’ll make things better. I know it seems odd for someone who writes a blog called Nick Hates Everything to come out with this as an entry. But as I said in the first entry here. This is (usually) a comedy blog, but in this particular scenario, the stakes are too high to joke about.

There is no place in this world for real honest to goodness hate.


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