FRDAY FIVE! “Calvin and Hobbes” Snowmen

Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring for 2013… but apparently Mother Nature hasn’t gotten the message.  Historic winter storms continue to rock most of the United States, dumping record amounts of snow (much to the Weather Channel’s delight!).  Fortunately, with tons of snow, come tons of snowmen — I even saw one, tiny, emaciated snow…man?… on the streets of New York!

This week Friday Five! celebrates snowmen by honoring Bill Watterson and the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, whose titular heroes create some of the most hilarious and memorable snowmen to ever grace the white, wintry landscape… real or fictional.  So, whether you’re snowed in, going crazy, or laughing at the rest of us (shut up, California), these panels are sure to entertain your brain and warm your heart.



HA!  I can’t stop laughing at the image of a snowman staring at a snowball, contemplating the meaning of life.  Every time I look at this panel I feel a little less concerned with the past and a little more open to the present.



Calvin’s parents put up with a lot of crap, especially his dad.  I love the family dynamic in Calvin and Hobbes… the comic creates a strong, honest relationship and it is the parents who help frame Calvin’s boundless imagination in the conflicts of reality.



This one is more concerned with art than it is with snowmen, sure, but its also a wonderful example of how witty and intelligent Bill Watterson’s writing is.  Just enjoy it!



Calvin and I share a very similar, dark sense of humor.



This panel is simply a delight.  Definitely one of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes ever.  A snowman hit by a car…?  Oh Calvin, you just get me!  Also, the look on the snowmens’ faces are priceless!

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