Jeanne Says…Read Free Local Papers!

Jeanne Says…Read Free Local Papers!


Read free local papers! Support print media! Who doesn’t like free shit?

I’ve been an avid reader of free, local periodicals for as long as I can remember and now it’s time for all of you to discover this interesting, informative and entertaining world. Living in New York there’s something for everyone and even after being here for years I still discover new papers all the time ( What up, THUNK illustrated paper!) and am a staunch follower of many ( L magazine, The Village Voice). It’s a great way to stay informed about local politics and events, and ups your intelligence stock a few points (The Long Island Press has a section called ‘How to Sound Smart at a Party) and gets you reading some news that’s not coming at you via a shiny screen.


There’s many categories of free newspapers out there. You have your dailies, weeklies,monthlies and quarterlies. You have papers based on location, interest, culture (including language) or profession. Every city has its own version of The AM and Metro. Some are ‘alternative’ or ‘independent’. Some are propaganda ( yeah I’m talkin’ to you Awake! ) and some are farce ( The Onion! Love it!). There’s papers about beer (Ale Times), soccer (Goal Times), holistic medicine (Inspiration) and they’re placed in places where their demographic can find them. So next time you’re exiting a shop and you see a pile of papers on the way out, pick one up and check it out!


Free newspapers are the gift that keeps on giving. They’re filled with deals and specials and if its a demographic-specific paper you’re reading, it’ll be for stuff relating to that field. The events you find from newspapers that you’d miss out on-how do you think I found out Lincoln Center was screening Christoper Nolan movies or about a Church uptown that’s got a Labyrinth you can walk through for Free Wed nights and Sunday afternoons? Plus crossword puzzles, Sudoku, ken-ken, sometimes a word search or a code puzzle. Lots of fun things to keep you occupied on the train AND help stimulate the noggin’!

Voice distributor

In addition to you winning out, supporting local papers is a de-facto good deed. You’re supporting local artist, writers, photographers, businesses and journalists. You’ll get to know your local representatives and become an informed citizen of local laws and issues. When visiting another city you can swipe a paper, seem like a local and find fun places to go and things to do. Now, say this aloud ‘I read about it online’. Eww, gross, lame. Now try this on for size; ‘ I was reading the paper and….’. Nice, right? Or this one, ‘In this week’s _____, there’s an article about ______’ Feels good, don’t it?


So next time you’re leaving a store and see a pile or there’s a dispenser out on the sidewalk or a rack by the train, grab a free paper and give it a read. Why?


‘Cause Jeanne says so.

Newspaper Fun Facts:

newspaper reader

Herald Square got its name because the offices of The New York Herald were located there, same for Times Square/The New York Times
The Village Voice
88% of newspapers are recycled, commonly into more newsprint
Every newspaper is made up of about 30% recycled content
The first modern newspapers were made in western Europe-
Belgium- Nieuwe Tijdingen- 1616
France- Gazette- 1631
England- The London Gazette- 1665

The New<br /><br /><br />
England Courant

The first Newspaper in the US (before it was the US) was The New England Courant in 1838 by ‘The Hell-Fire Club’ and was founded by Ben Franklin’s older brother James
The Spectator, considered to be the first satirical paper, was published in London in 1828 and is still published today
The Village Voice was founded in Greenwich Village in 1955 and became free of charge (in the 5 boroughs only) in 1996 and has a circulation of about 180,000
The most circulated newspaper in the US in ‘The Wall Street’ Journal at 2.1 million
The most circulated English paper is ‘The India Times’ at 2.14 million copies/day
For Nick!
The record daily circulation of a newspaper is held by the Soviet Newspaper ‘Trud’ which reached 21.5 million in 1990,
The record for a weekly publication is 33.5 million held by the Soviet paper ‘Angumenty I Fakty’ in 1991


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