Jeanne Says…Go Vote! Monopoly Style!

Jeanne Says…..Go Vote! Monopoly Style!

Monopoly board

Go Vote Monopoly style! There is an urgent matter that needs everyone’s attention. An American icon is at stake…your favorite Monopoly token could be voted out by Feb 5, 2013, unless you do something about it.

original peices

Monopoly has announced that it’s going to be retiring and replacing one of their pieces, and they are smart enough to turn it into a publicity stunt by letting America choose which one. It’s a well known fact that Americans love to vote for unimportant trivial shit. Your ‘American Idol’, a new M&M color, which way you like your toilet paper to go (over the roll or under, seriously, Charmin did it)  and now Hasboro’s getting in the game and we get to vote on a token. While Americans tend not to come out to vote for local government seats, The Midterms, or State Supreme Court judges people are coming out in the thousands to vote for their least favorite piece and which new design gets to join the Monopoly Eight.

Before we go into the pieces on the chopping block and the (stupid) designs they’ve come up with to replace them, lets look back at some of the other iconerry that Monopoly has contributed to the Zeitgeist over the years:


The man, the mustache, the mogul himself, Rich ‘Uncle’ Pennybags, aka Mr.Monopoly (since 1999). This cute lil’ fella’s image has been a part of Monopoly since 1936 and an air of mystery surrounds the inspiration and artist behind this character. He is also the reason I believe the top-hat will continue to be a mainstay in the Monopoly 8. ‘Get Out of Jail Free Card’, ‘Boardwalk and Park Place’, ‘Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200′ are all phrases people use on a regular basis, and are just plain ol’ fun to say. Monopoly has also had several spinoff games including Monopoly Junior and Monopoly City. There’s also customized versions including Monopoly:The Wire Edition and any other pop culture/city you can think of. There was also a short lived game show, an award winning documentary made (Under the Boardwalk;the MONOPOLY story)  McDonald’s has its own promotional Monopoly game which is played all over the world.


Now it’s time to get down to business. The last time people got to vote for a piece the’ bag of money’ was introduced in 1998. It was retired in 2007. Other pieces that have fallen by the wayside have been the cannon (Howitzer), man on horse, lantern, purse and rocking horse. The eight remaining are the thimble, top hat, iron, wheelbarrow, the dog (Scottie), the shoe, the battleship, and the racecar. The five designs up to be voted in are a diamond ring, a helicopter, a guitar, a robot and a cat. The guitar is just lame, the diamond ring is un-P.C. , and the robot is scary (even though he does have a cute little mustache). The helicopter’s not too shabby (i can picture flying it around the board) but in my opinion, do away with that silly wheelbarrow, and bring on the cat to have an even balance of cat and dog once and for all!


What do you think? Let us know by placing a comment in the convenient section located below and go to www.facebook/  to cast your vote. Don’t rush it, remember, this is representative of our generation (sort of) and not to fan the flames of promotion, but I suggest that on the next cold night, stay in, make some snacks, get a few bottles of wine and a great group of money-hungry, competitive, dealmaking friends and settle in for a night of MONOPOLY. Pick your favorite token and take ’em all down! Tell everyone you know to vote in this critical contest of our time.Unless you want to vote in that creepy robot or flashy evil diamond ring. Do the right thing and vote for the cat. Why?


‘Cause Jeanne Says So.

monopoly board1


-Monopoly was created by Elizabeth (Lizzie) J. Magie Phillips in 1923 and was originally title ‘The Landlord’s Game’ through which she hoped to be able to explain the single tax theory of Henry George
-The prize in the Monopoly Tournament is $20,580, the total amount of money in the bank of the board game
-The properties in Monopoly are based on streets in Atlantic City
-For Nick (who apparently hates Guiness records)- The longest MONOPOLY game ever playes was 70 straight days (1680 hours).


2 thoughts on “Jeanne Says…Go Vote! Monopoly Style!

  1. Well, Jeanne, you have made good arguments against the ring and guitar. I agree about the guitar; it is lame. The robot is nearly as lame, in my humble opinion. A helicopter might be fun, but your reasoning for choosing the cat makes sense. Cat lovers, unite! Help end this unfair treatment of our feline friends and give them thier day on Monolopy! The canines have held the spotlight far too long.

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