FRIDAY FIVE! The Legend of Johnny Manziel


This week, FRIDAY FIVE! celebrates the first freshman to ever win the Heisman Trophy… Johnny Manziel, aka “Johnny Football.”  Manziel emerged as a national phenomenon after he led the Aggies in a victory over top ranked Alabama (Yes, the same Alabama football team that recently demolished Notre Dame).  Then he picked apart Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl, winning 41-13.  “Johnny Football” is fast, strong and damn fun to watch!

We now present the top 5 awesome, hilarious and outrageous tweets about this near mythic figure.  Which are truth and which are simply the desires of fanatical followers?  Well, the real question is: Does it matter?  Hit the jump to find out.

5.) #JohnnyFootball once saved a kitten on Wellborn Rd. in front of Kyle Field.

There are several variations on the “Maziel saved a kitten” theme… usually involving multiple cats and burning trees.  But this one is a classic.  One thing all the kitten saving tweets have in common is the location — Johnny Manziel always performs his acts of feline heroism in front of Kyle Field (the Texas A&M stadium).  So maybe there is a nugget of truth in there somewhere…


4.) I once saw Johnny Football outrun a cheetah.

Johnny Manziel is fast… but I don’t know if he’s THAT fast.


3.) I once saw Johnny win a game of connect 4… in just 3 moves.

This one is awesome on so many levels.  Yeah, Johnny Manziel threw over 3000 yards and rushed over 1000 yards this season, but winning connect 4 in 3 moves?  That is legendary!


2.) I once saw Johnny Football get approached by Nick Fury about joining The Avengers.

This one might actually be true…


1.) I once saw Johnny simply walk into Mordor.

YES!  College Football/Lord of the Rings mashup!  This one speaks to my love of football while simultaneously tickling the super-nerd inside me.  And that is why this tweet is number one… levels, internet.  Multiple levels.



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