FRIDAY FIVE! Best Movie Feasts

Happy Thanksgiving!  …Or merry Black Friday if you’re into that sort of thing (shame on you).

This week, in honor of separatists, native peoples and good ‘ol American overindulgence, the Casual Gentlemen bring you the top five most mouth-watering film feasts.  These cinematic tributes focus on delicious food (of course) as well as presentation.  If you can make the worlds greatest gravy, great!… but if you can deliver it to me on a miniature choo-choo train that chugs around the table.  Well.  You’ve just made the top five!

Which iconic movie feast takes the cake?  Click the jump to find out.

5.) Chinese Turkey (A Christmas Story)

After the Bumpuses dogs devour the turkey, Mr. Parker, refusing to have Christmas dinner ruined by his hillbilly neighbors, drags Ralphie and the rest of the family to the only restaurant open on a Christmas night… Chinese.  There they enjoy roast duck with the head still attached.  “Its smiling at me.”

4.) The Other Mother Dinner (Coraline)

In an attempt to lure Coraline into the Other World for good, Coraline’s Other Mother prepares a seriously tasty dinner.  But what really makes this feast special is the magical presentation.  A choo-choo train circles the table, dumping streams of gravy onto your roast turkey; a chandelier doubles as a drink dispenser, dipping down to offer mango milkshake.  Yeah, Other Mother may be evil (with creepy button eyes)… but can your mom bake a cake that sprouts icing letters and flowers on its own?

3.) The Family Dinner in Prison (Goodfellas)

Even in prison, wiseguys get the best of everything… good wine, steaks, lobsters and cheeses.  In a film about decadence and “family” bonds, this scene is a great illustration of how these men view the world and how far above others they live.  And man do those steaks look good.

2.)  Hallowe’en Feast (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone)

Basically every night at Hogwarts is a feast worthy of Valhalla — but the Hallowe’en feast is an annual epic (and my deciding factor in attending Hogwarts).  This dinner is a magic celebration that gorges an entire school of children.  Did I mention its magic?  You’ll eat things that don’t even exist in the muggle world.  Magic!

1.)  The Lost Boys’ Feast (Hook)

An aging, cranky, imagination-less Peter Pan connects to his inner child during this feast with the Lost Boys.  The spread is massive with everything you can possibly imagine (natch!), but I was always entranced by the multicolored pastries made of pure sugar.  Of course, what elevates this feast to number one is the epic food fight that follows.  Bangarang!


One thought on “FRIDAY FIVE! Best Movie Feasts

  1. I want to nominate the feast in Pan’s Labyrinth that you aren’t allowed to touch. That grape she eats looks so fucking good, it would be worth getting chased by that guy with eyes in his hands.

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