The Excitement Of Tim Bruce

I met Tim while I was working at a post production facility in Manhattan called The Field. My job was boring and I found myself often looking for something more exciting to do. I found that something at the end of the hall – a small production company called Sleeping Tree Films. I don’t know if either company exists anymore, frankly it doesn’t matter if they do, the impact both companies had on me was profound. In The Field I found Sleeping Tree, and in Sleeping Tree I found a place I felt comfortable, a place to laugh and escape the monotony of the rest of my day. Sleeping Tree is where I found Tim.

Tim Bruce was one of the funniest, most genuine people I’ve ever known. What I’ll remember the most about him was his excitement. Everything excited Tim, regardless of its scale or measurement of importance. The world was an exciting place when Tim was around. He could talk for what seemed like days about amplifiers and microphones and plethora of mixing software and soundboards that you knew nothing about and could barely comprehend, but you listened, because from his mouth and in his eyes it was fascinating.

There was never an idea Tim wasn’t ready to be a part of, a project he didn’t want his hands on. When in the summer of 2011, the Casual Gentlemen asked Tim to be a part of a web series we were producing, he dove in head first. Tim was there to record our audio, and teach us how to do it ourselves if he was ever unable to be on set. He wrote, recorded, and mixed the theme song. He tore through pages of script for inspiration and brought together a team of his own to collaborate and create with. In complete honesty he worked harder than we did at times. He was excited to be a part of it. To be presented with new challenges and new ideas. His work was phenomenal because for him there was no excuse for it to be anything less.

But Tim was a lot more than just a work associate. He was one of my best friends. He was a lot of people’s best friend. It was impossible not to love him because he loved everyone. I’ve never seen him open a door without a smile stretching from ear to ear across his face. Tim was someone I knew I could count on. Someone who would – when you needed it – put an arm around your shoulder, hand you a beer, and tell you, “Shit man, you’re gonna be good”, and you believed it because he was right and he knew it.

I don’t know if he did, but to look at him you’d say this was a guy who had it figured out. The world made sense to him and he loved watching it spin around him. There’s a certain comfort in being around someone like that. It makes you feel that as long as you stick close to the guy who knows what’s going on you’ll be okay.

We lost Tim Bruce on Friday, October 5th 2012. He would have been 26 on Halloween. He was a friend of the Casual Gentlemen, a very dear friend of mine, but most importantly and what made him who he was, is that he was a friend to anyone who needed or wanted one.

Tim, I’m sure I’m not speaking out of line when I say, from everyone that knew you – thank you.