FRIDAY FIVE! Best Back-to-School Movies.

Once more for your pleasure, The Casual Gentlemen present FRIDAY FIVE!

This week, in observance of children nation-wide returning to school (not a moment too soon, I might add… you don’t realize how many there are out there until the little hell-spawn start swarming your streets with nothing to do!), we bring you the Top Five Back-to-School Movies.

Take note, dear readers, this is not simply a list of the best school movies.  Some poor attempt to get you excited about early morning classes and cafeteria food.  That would just be silly.  No, all these films feature older characters returning to school… and that’s the rub!  So grab your backpack or messenger bag (you hipster!) and click the jump to find out what movies made the list.

5. Back to School (Alan Metter, 1986)

The title of this film IS the category, of course it had to be included!  Plus it stars Rodney Dangerfield and he’s… well, funny isn’t the right word.  Loud?  Grating?  Did I mention the title of the film IS the category!

4. Never Been Kissed (Raja Gosnell, 1999)

Drew Barrymore is really cute in this movie….  So, you know, at least it has that going for it.

3. Teacher’s Pet (George Seaton, 1958)

You thought older characters returning to school for pointless and/or ridiculous reasons was a relatively new idea?  Ha!  EVERYTHING in Hollywood has been done before.  The difference?  Teacher’s Pet features Clark Gable and Doris Day… and I’d buy the idea that Clark Gable is too cool for school.

2. Billy Madison (Tamara Davis, 1995)

Remember when Adam Sandler was downright funny?  No?  Then check out this movie!  Billy Madison may be a little stupid but its also gut busting fun and surprisingly sweet.  Definitely worth your time.  In fact, just make it double feature and watch Happy Gilmore too.

1. Old School (Todd Phillips, 2003)

The ULTIMATE back to school movie!  Todd Phillips is a master of deriving comedy from his characters, a difficult tightrope walk that makes us really care about the hilarious, every-man heroes of this film.  Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Will Farrell are a delight and the laughs are non stop.  Booze, co-eds and some KY wrestling.  What more could you want?  We’re going streaking!


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