Walmart Contests and the Exile of Pitbull


So, you heard the one about how the music artist Pitbull was forced to the frozen Northern regions of The Wall Kodiak, AK by the goons over at Something Awful? Oh, well, the delightful Dr. David Thorpe (who’s Your Band Sucks and Fashion SWAT articles at I enjoy to an almost inappropriate amount) decided to get involved in a Walmart/Sheets Energy Strips joint contest wherein the Walmart location with the most votes would get earn an appearance by the “DALE-ing” superstar. Thorpe drove the small Alaska town to the forefront of the contest by getting his fans and other internet dwellers and pranksters to upvote the most remote Walmart in the continental US on the contest’s website.

From the sounds of it, Pitbull was a good sport for the whole thing, even inviting Thorpe to Kodiak for the performance, and being generally a smiley, good-natured star. I’m sure the Walmart and Sheet folks were furious at their ridiculous spectacle being  hijacked for something far funnier and, in my mind, more moving. I mean come on! The folks of Kodiak gave Pitbull the key to the city and all 15 houses therein (last part might not be true), and seemed to really relish the chance to be included in a nation and a national discussion which didn’t even know they existed (I know I didn’t).

The whole point of this article though was to call out Thorpe for being hilarious (and making out way better than the last guy from SA to get invited somewhere); Pitbull for being a great sport and actually seeming to care about his fans (go figure?); and to ask the question: Will corporations continue to take this joking around with and hijacking of contests lying down, or will they begin to fight back? I’m curious to see how you (the three people who read this blog) feel about this situation (if you’re anything like me, tingly and intrigued), and what you think the industry is going to do (if anything) in response.

So comment. Let me see some of your pretty words, folks!




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