Let the Internet Do It!

So, the guys over here at Casual Gentlemen Mansion have been having some fun with a little game we call “The Internet Will Name Your Band”.

If you want to join in, just go to Wikipedia, click “Random”, and the title of the page is the name of your band.  Then go to QuotationsPage.com, click “Random Quotes”, and the last few words of the final quote is your album title.  After that, go to Flickr and click on “Explore the Last Seven Days” and the third image is your cover artwork.

Then go into your favorite photo editing software and make the album cover!

Hit the jump to check out some of our casual album covers and make sure to email your own album covers to casualgentlemenproduction@gmail.com and we’ll post our favorites here! Here’s a few I made:

Bowden Glacier

Bowden Glacier’s latest is a rocking good time. Strong musicianship and impactful songwriting, long the staple of Bowden, is back in force for their reunion album “Stitched Together with Good Intentions”. The title track is a soaring tribute to the band itself, chronicling their fighting, falling out, breaking-up and eventual reunion in an incredible four minutes that makes you feel like you lived it yourself. The other 11 tracks are hit and miss, but with more hits than misses, “Stitched…” is well worth the price of admission. 3 and a half stars. -G

Pirate Utopia - Use As A Human

Pirate Utopia is a geek rock act that somehow never fails to please. Delighting in their offbeat silliness, you can’t help but smile as they perform songs about the trivialities of living through alien invasions, the difficulties of finding love online, and the unending parade of embarrassment one suffers at the hands of the ruling class of apes. Though silly, they are meticulous musicians, and “Use as a Human” never feels gimmicky or dishonest. Do not try this at home, kids, these guys are pros. 3 stars. -G

Island Eddy

For a rock band that began its life as a pop-punk act trying to ride Sugar Ray’s coat-tails, Island Eddy is surprisingly good. They’ve since shed the pretense and by focusing on making music that human beings might enjoy instead of what they’d been told would be commercially successful, they’ve found more commercial success with their last two albums than they ever did with their first three. “Get You Wrong” is hands-down their best album to date. Written as an indictment of the music industry, “Get You Wrong” is full of anger, sadness, and broken dreams. Just the sort of thing to scream along with in the car. 4 stars. -G

Nick had fun with these:

Charlesbourg-Jacques-Cartier - Nine Millimeter Bullet

Nine Millimeter Bullet, the third release from Charlesbourg – Jaques – Cartier is not surprisingly a stunning work of art. The shocking fusion of Parisian jazz and Bushwick rock provides for a refreshingly different sound from the white noise of the mainstream. Getting lost in the album’s sweeping movement is unavoidable and by the end you’ll feel as though you are returning from an exotic voyage. 4 stars -N

List Of Marilyns On The Isle Of Man - Closer To Fulfilling Your Dreams

This new release from long-lived jam band List Of Marilyns On The Isle Of Man maintains the bands history of quality musicianship and a to-tapping good time, but doesn’t really show us anything new. Somewhat indistinguishable from LOMOTIOM’s last two albums, Closer To Fulfilling Your Dreams leaves me wondering if the group has started to give up. For a group who’s early years were filled with breakthrough songwriting and mind-blowing performances, this feels uninspired. While still good music, the passion from their earlier work is absent and it begs the question “is it better to burn out or fade away”? 3 stars -N

EDIT 8/6/2012

 I made a few more to share:

1946 in Science

If you told me on New Year’s Eve that one of me favorite albums of 2012 would be the sophomore release of a universally despised Danish indie-rock crew, I’d have said you were crazy. But lo and behold! “Great Enterprises”, the second album from the band who brought us 2008’s worst album of the year, is here and it is truly brilliant. With a new drummer and a new producer, those out-of-sync meandering tracks they pumped out last time have been replaced with tight honest-to-God SONGS. Being able to hear the lyrics in the mix is also a definite improvement. With soulful songwriting and skillful musicianship (who knew?) 1946 in Science has played its way straight into my heart. 4 stars. -G

Dragons of War

Move over LMFAO. Dragons of War have come to usurp you as the kings of Party Rock. Their debut album “Never Think” is fun poppy garbage with a heart of pure malevolence. With sick beats, crazy synthesizers and bizarre vocals galore, these four guys from Las Vegas know how to get people on the dance floor. If you’re into this sort of thing. 3 stars. -G

Astro Fighter

Quasi-mystical lyrics abound in the fifth album from LA futurepop trio Astro Fighter. I’m not sure what they’re trying to get me to believe, but I’m not buying it. “He Believes” is the same tired thing reheated and coupled with bizarre semi-religious overtones. No thanks. 2 stars. -G


Brooklyn-based folk-rock outfit Sedgeberrow is back with another one full of alienation, heartbreak, and hitchhiking. Where “The Invisible” really shines is when they shut up and play. If Sedgeberrow ever puts out an album of instrumentals, that will never leave my stereo. Until then… 2 and a half stars. -G

Kingdom of Madness

“Blood Tomorrow,” the debut album from Chicago-based rock duo Kingdom of Madness is fun, dirty, loud blues-influenced rock and roll. Deadly guitar coupled with bone-shaking drumbeats wake the neighbors and move your feet. Listen to this album and try not to enjoy yourself. I dare you. 4 stars. -G

Minimum Mass

This, the sophomore effort from British nu-metal group Minimum Mass is far weaker than their 3-star first release from 2002. Ten years off, and this is what they come out with? The album’s title, “Slide into Atrocity” is so shockingly apt that I assume their third album will be called “Unlistenable”. The title track is catchy but bland. 1 star. -G


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