CASUAL BRACKET #1: Sauces vs. Spices: Condiment Wars!

Good day, one and all!

Glenn Rauch here (AKA the Killer Dynamo) (AKA “What are you doing in my house?”), and for my very first post to the NEW and IMPROVED Casual Gentlemen web log, I put forth a challenge in the spirit of the Games of the Thirtieth Olympiad.  Not a challenge to you, dear reader, but a challenge to my fellow Casual Gentlemen.  I challenge them to join me in deciding the greatest mysteries of our time in a series of brackets.  I will be periodically creating and posting brackets, and the Casual Gentlemen will decide which thing in the brackets is the ABSOLUTE OBJECTIVE BEST!

But even though we will determine the winners of each bracket, we can be swayed by comments made by you.  So, if you feel particularly strongly about any of the First Round matchups, feel free to make passionate arguments in the comments section for this post.

First up:  Sauces vs. Spices: Condiment Wars!

Get ready, Internet.  It’s about to get casual up in here.



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