“And For My Next Trick!”: Snoop Turns Dogg Into Lion

Snoop LionI apologize for being so late to report on this story, it’s old news by now, but it took me a while to figure out why this bothered me so much formulate an opinion on the matter. And then I figured it out. Snoop Dogg has gotten so baked that he has become an 18-year old white college freshman.

We’ve all seen it. We’ve all made fun of it Chaz Whiteman of Abercrombie, Centralstate leaves his parents home for the first time and someone hands him a bong and a Bob Marley poster. Next thing you know he’s banging out kumbaya in a drum circle and he’s a rude-boy named Taidai Beinbaagchayr.

I for one am disappointed  in Snoop. As much as he insists that this is some sort of spiritual reawakening, it’s clearly just an image change so he can look cool around the quad and show all the bullies from high school how cool and different he’s become with his awesome hackey sack skills. I don’t see Snoop giving up his caviar in the back of a limo any time soon.

And why should he? Why is he doing this now? If he’s not actually following the tenets of his new religion then what is he trying to prove? What could be happening under the roots of his new found dreadlocks? The man is one of the most iconic hip hop artists in the world. There’s nothing wrong with rolling down the street sippin on gin and juice. It sounds a hell of a lot more fun that lying on the street smoking on bent up joints.

What do you think? Is this a genuine transition or is Snoop Lion nothing more than a cat with a crown? Let me know in the comments below!

Nick Fehlinger is a writer, actor, comedian and co-founder of Casual Gentlemen Productions. He lives in Brooklyn, NY and loves tacos.


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