FRIDAY FIVE! Best Fair Foods

After a week hiatus, FRIDAY FIVE returns!

Though Summer days wane, there is still plenty of time to indulge in the season’s finest epicurean treats… bikini be damned.  Open your mind (and your stomach) as we bring you the top five foods from fairs, festivals, carnivals and boardwalks.  Don’t forget your appetites!

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FRIDAY FIVE! Best Olympic Movies

Hello Internet!

I’ve decided to launch a fun, weekly post here at the Casual Gentlemen blog called the Friday Five!  Every Friday, to kick off the weekend, I’ll offer a category — something strange or wonderful or goofy — and then list my five favorite things from that category.  Use these lists to launch a debate.  As a way to break the ice with that hottie at the party.  Or, when all else has failed, settle a life long feud.

Whatever you decide to do, just remember: With great power comes great responsibility…

This week, in honor of the 30th Summer Olympiad and the spirit of individual human triumph (I’m a global citizen…), I present: The Top Five Olympic Movies!  Does your favorite film make the list?  Find out after the jump.

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Let the Internet Do It!

So, the guys over here at Casual Gentlemen Mansion have been having some fun with a little game we call “The Internet Will Name Your Band”.

If you want to join in, just go to Wikipedia, click “Random”, and the title of the page is the name of your band.  Then go to, click “Random Quotes”, and the last few words of the final quote is your album title.  After that, go to Flickr and click on “Explore the Last Seven Days” and the third image is your cover artwork.

Then go into your favorite photo editing software and make the album cover!

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Walmart Contests and the Exile of Pitbull


So, you heard the one about how the music artist Pitbull was forced to the frozen Northern regions of The Wall Kodiak, AK by the goons over at Something Awful? Oh, well, the delightful Dr. David Thorpe (who’s Your Band Sucks and Fashion SWAT articles at I enjoy to an almost inappropriate amount) decided to get involved in a Walmart/Sheets Energy Strips joint contest wherein the Walmart location with the most votes would get earn an appearance by the “DALE-ing” superstar. Thorpe drove the small Alaska town to the forefront of the contest by getting his fans and other internet dwellers and pranksters to upvote the most remote Walmart in the continental US on the contest’s website.

From the sounds of it, Pitbull was a good sport for the whole thing, even inviting Thorpe to Kodiak for the performance, and being generally a smiley, good-natured star. I’m sure the Walmart and Sheet folks were furious at their ridiculous spectacle being  hijacked for something far funnier and, in my mind, more moving. I mean come on! The folks of Kodiak gave Pitbull the key to the city and all 15 houses therein (last part might not be true), and seemed to really relish the chance to be included in a nation and a national discussion which didn’t even know they existed (I know I didn’t).

The whole point of this article though was to call out Thorpe for being hilarious (and making out way better than the last guy from SA to get invited somewhere); Pitbull for being a great sport and actually seeming to care about his fans (go figure?); and to ask the question: Will corporations continue to take this joking around with and hijacking of contests lying down, or will they begin to fight back? I’m curious to see how you (the three people who read this blog) feel about this situation (if you’re anything like me, tingly and intrigued), and what you think the industry is going to do (if anything) in response.

So comment. Let me see some of your pretty words, folks!



CASUAL BRACKET #1: Sauces vs. Spices: Condiment Wars!

Good day, one and all!

Glenn Rauch here (AKA the Killer Dynamo) (AKA “What are you doing in my house?”), and for my very first post to the NEW and IMPROVED Casual Gentlemen web log, I put forth a challenge in the spirit of the Games of the Thirtieth Olympiad.  Not a challenge to you, dear reader, but a challenge to my fellow Casual Gentlemen.  I challenge them to join me in deciding the greatest mysteries of our time in a series of brackets.  I will be periodically creating and posting brackets, and the Casual Gentlemen will decide which thing in the brackets is the ABSOLUTE OBJECTIVE BEST!

But even though we will determine the winners of each bracket, we can be swayed by comments made by you.  So, if you feel particularly strongly about any of the First Round matchups, feel free to make passionate arguments in the comments section for this post.

First up:  Sauces vs. Spices: Condiment Wars!

Get ready, Internet.  It’s about to get casual up in here.


“And For My Next Trick!”: Snoop Turns Dogg Into Lion

Snoop LionI apologize for being so late to report on this story, it’s old news by now, but it took me a while to figure out why this bothered me so much formulate an opinion on the matter. And then I figured it out. Snoop Dogg has gotten so baked that he has become an 18-year old white college freshman.

We’ve all seen it. We’ve all made fun of it Chaz Whiteman of Abercrombie, Centralstate leaves his parents home for the first time and someone hands him a bong and a Bob Marley poster. Next thing you know he’s banging out kumbaya in a drum circle and he’s a rude-boy named Taidai Beinbaagchayr.

I for one am disappointed  in Snoop. As much as he insists that this is some sort of spiritual reawakening, it’s clearly just an image change so he can look cool around the quad and show all the bullies from high school how cool and different he’s become with his awesome hackey sack skills. I don’t see Snoop giving up his caviar in the back of a limo any time soon.

And why should he? Why is he doing this now? If he’s not actually following the tenets of his new religion then what is he trying to prove? What could be happening under the roots of his new found dreadlocks? The man is one of the most iconic hip hop artists in the world. There’s nothing wrong with rolling down the street sippin on gin and juice. It sounds a hell of a lot more fun that lying on the street smoking on bent up joints.

What do you think? Is this a genuine transition or is Snoop Lion nothing more than a cat with a crown? Let me know in the comments below!

Nick Fehlinger is a writer, actor, comedian and co-founder of Casual Gentlemen Productions. He lives in Brooklyn, NY and loves tacos.

Comic Books: Out of the Basement and into Your Mainstream

We’re all a bunch of nerds here at the Casual Gentlemen.  Or haven’t you noticed?  With blog posts exploring Batman’s relationship to Occupy and podcasts investigating science’s unholy union of jellyfish and rat, that’s our slant.  But, unlike many gallivanting groups of goofy geeks we each have our own interests.  Which is a great thing.  Nerdom tends to be a realm dominated by righteous, stubborn city-states whose borders are surrounded by 700 foot walls of solid ice.  We can be an isolated bunch when, really, we should be celebrating others’ passions.

Me?  I like all kinds of books.  Including comics.

Sadly, comic books have a bad name, existing in the cold, craggy hinterlands of literature and art.  To outsiders and “serious” literary minds they embody the most base, shallow entertainment.  Comics wear stripper heels, shake their disproportionate breasts and reek of stale, moldy basements.  Many discerning readers are taught to distrust the medium — believing that comics are only for kids or pervs or Japanese businessmen.  Patrons of Barnes and Noble are sure to skirt the half-shelf of graphic novels, which are much too close to the role-playing section… Much too close indeed

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