The Medusoid: Quite Possibly The Creepiest Thing That’s Ever Happened

In case you didn’t get a chance to listen to the first episode of the Casual Gentlemen Podcast yet, on the show we discuss what researchers from Harvard and CIT have been up to lately, which is becoming bona fide mad scientists.

They have created a jellyfish out of silicone which is powered by the cells of a rat’s heart.

…hold on…one more time…

They have created a jellyfish out of silicone which is powered by the cells of a rat’s heart….. and it’s called a medusoid.

The researchers insist that they are doing it for the good of mankind and that it will be a powerful advance in the science of artificial organ production. However I say, “HOLYSHITWHATTHEHELLISWRONGWITHYOUWHYDIDYOUJUSTMAKEAJELYFISHOUTOFPLASTICANDRATHEARTSWHYAREYOUPLAYINGGOD???!?!?”

You can hear more of our opinions on the podcast and you can see a video of the ungodly creature after the jump.

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Dark Knight Rises – The Batman Movie We Deserve AND The Batman Movie We Need Right Now

Author’s Note: I have decided to write this review/critique/discussion of The Dark Knight Rises with the only mention of the tragedy in Colorado being this note. I do not want the monster who committed that atrocity of being the subject of my or any readers of this blogs discussion except to condemn it, voice an opinion that I believe he should suffer the fullest extent of the law, and be afforded pity for his inability to cope with reality. I don’t believe he should control the cultural discussion the way he has, and I believe that allowing him to stop me from writing this would be tantamount to giving the brand of terrorism he perpetrated. Much of my prayer and meditations will be with the family of those who were affected by this tragedy, and if any of them are reading this, I am very sorry for your loss. I want to discuss this movie in a sometimes comedic way, and I hope that you do not take it as disrespectful or irreverent, because that is not the intention. With that said, I hope all of you enjoy this article.

Let inaugurate this column with this: The Dark Knight Rises is an AMAZING film, and I will get to my gushing, love-filled review of it in a second. But I need to say something, and I want to preface my next statement by saying I’m a huge Batman fan. Not the biggest (I’m sure there’s someone out there who carved the bat-symbol into their chest and prances around all Silence of the Lambs-style), but I did wear a Batman costume to school at least once a week from Pre-Kindergarten-1st grade, and to this day I get the urge to growl “I’m Batman” whenever I’m asked for a name at a coffee shop. That being said, I have a confession to make: I’m no longer impressed by The Dark Knight.

When it first came out, I was thrilled. I thoroughly loved The Dark Knight, feeling (obliviously) that it was indeed the Batman movie I so richly deserved after the awesome set-up of Batman Begins. I have no idea when the honeymoon ended; maybe it was a growing ennui brought on from repeated viewings, or from me picking every tasty morsel of bat-goodness from the bat-carcass (I promise, I’m working on my bat-hyphen problem) of the film, but it happened and I felt my love for The Dark Knight grow tepid. I’ve gone over in my head (over and over until I get the bat-spins) all the problems with The Dark Knight: the Joker’s almost omniscient ability to read the future right up to the very end of the film; the fact that the only choice Batman is allowed to make in the movie is to not kill the Joker (because the Joker makes every other decision for him); or the fact that Christopher Nolan, despite his groundbreaking cinematic achievements, decides to follow the trend of killing off/never bringing back a villain for a sequel (except for Cillian Murphy’s Scarecrow, the only villain-skein that runs throughout this trilogy). Heath Ledger is the shining bat-light in The Dark Knight, and I might feel differently had Heath Ledger been able to come back for a sequel, but alas his tragic death left a pair of clown-shoes no one could fill.

But my digression done, let me open up the flood gates: The Dark Knight Rises is amazing. Truly amazing. More amazing than The Amazing Spider-Man by far, and I feel a worthy competitor for the title of best comic movie ever, right next to The Avengers (they are both amazing in different ways). What sets The Dark Knight Rises apart from The Avengers is that while they are both excellent comic book movies, The Dark Knight Rises is an excellent FILM. It is a piece of art, and while it lacks spandex-ed super heroes CGI-ing bad guys through buildings and running amok through awesome set-pieces, it succeeds in concluding a Trilogy in a way that George Lucas could only hope to hire someone to imagine for him.


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Casual Gentlemen Podcast Episode One!

Hey guys check out the first ever episode of the the new and improved Casual Gentlemen Podcast! In this episode we discuss R. Kelly’s veganism, we listen in on some top secret audio recordings, and we enjoy a noir fable.  Check it out below!

Casual Gentlemen Podcast Episode 1

Back in the game

The Casual Gentlemen have re-branded and returned to start filling you up with the funny. We are now Casual Gentlemen Productions and we have a new more hip look, because really, that’s all that matters. For those of you who are unfamiliar, The Casual Gentlemen are Nick Fehlinger, Brendan Butz and Glenn Rauch. We are 3 comedy writers based out of Brooklyn, NY. In the past we have gained little to no notoriety for such failed projects as Canvassed and The Casual Gentlemen Podcast. Perhaps you’ve not heard of us that way. Or perhaps you don’t know of us for our brief foray into the marketing industry for small businesses. No matter how you haven’t heard of us it’s okay, because now you have, and now we’re back and this time in action. In the next few weeks we will begin releasing blog entries, web sketches, podcasts, live shows, web series, and so much more! This website will serve as a hub for all of our work. Here is where we three gentlemen will casually post our thoughts on things happening in the world, whether it be the actual world or our own little world. You will also find posts from friend, collaborator, and overall nerd boy, Zane Kupper. We are also in the process of getting some sketches shot and edited. If you can guess where we are going to publish them then you win the big prize. The big prize is the ability to say with confidence, “I am competent at simple logic deduction!” The answer is this website. Did you win? Yay! This site will also be the home to the new and improved Casual Gentlmen Podcast. We’re recording that on Sunday and should have it up by sometime next week. As we build a body of work we are also working on organizing a monthly live show. Check in at a different website to find out when and where that will be. I’m just kidding, it’s this website. The whole thing is going to be like a party train. Destination: your eyeballs… also, your eardrums. In the meantime check us out on Twitter and Facebook (those actually are different websites) to keep up on what’s happening !